Reasons Network Marketers Fail
Reasons Network Marketers Fail

10 Reasons Why 90% of Prospects Will NEVER Join Your Network Marketing Opportunity

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As you are trying to build your network marketing business, you need to realize this hard-core truth: 90% of your prospects will NEVER join your network marketing opportunity.

In this post, I lay out ten real reasons why it happens and suggest a solution to this problem. You surely don’t want to miss that, so read to the very end.

Your Network Marketing Business Opportunity Is an Intangible Product

That’s right, it’s very hard to sell an intangible asset. Your prospects can’t see, feel, taste, or touch your business opportunity.

And when you attach a price tag to it of $500 or more, that scares them off like plague. That’s why I believe that a network marketing business opportunity is a back-end offer, not front-end.

They Don’t Want to Leave Their Comfort Zone

It’s hard to pull people out of their comfort zone. For the majority of people, quitting their job, not receiving a weekly pay check and starting a network marketing business is like spacewalking without oxygen supply.

Expecting people to stop doing what they got used to doing is silly. Put yourself in their shoes.

Try to stop eating your favorite food today. What? You’re not going to, because I didn’t give you any reasons or incentives? Exactly! Why would a random prospect agree to leave his/her comfort zone for the sake of the unknown – your network marketing opportunity? Why would they surrender their paycheck for the sake of your residual income opportunity when you don’t guarantee any income at all?!

They Don’t Trust or Like You

New network marketers are taught to offer their network marketing business opportunity to a prospect as soon as possible. This is like making a proposal on the first date. You’ll hardly ever hear “yes”.

Why? Because your prospects don’t know you long enough, so the trust hasn’t been built yet. You haven’t even given them any reasons to like you.

In order for your prospects to decide to join your business opportunity, you have to become that tangible opportunity for them, because people join people, not opportunities.

Your Prospects Are Afraid to Fail

It is a known fact that 97% of new network marketers fail in this business for different reasons. So, it’s natural for your prospect to be afraid to become part of the blood-freezing statistics.

Failure is a form of pain that they will try to avoid by all means. Thus, their rejection is expected and quite natural. Since success in network marketing is not guaranteed either, and failure is almost inevitable, your prospects have more than enough reasons to ignore your business opportunity.

Starting a Business Is Not Your Prospects’ Dream

Your prospects will never respond to your network marketing business opportunity if this is not their idea, their dream.

And you can’t simply shove this business opportunity down their throat if they feel more comfortable receiving a weekly paycheck and having the so-called job security.

You can lay out all the benefits and features of your network marketing business opportunity, but if this is not what they want, your prospects will not come near you.

Your Prospects Don’t Believe They Can Make Money in Network Marketing

Another reason why your prospects will not simply join your network marketing business opportunity is that they don’t believe that they can make money in network marketing.

A lot of people have been exposed to network marketing before, and they quit because they were not able to make any money.

On the contrary, the so-called network marketing business was sucking their hard earned money like a vacuum cleaner.

Buying company marketing materials, promotional items, maintaining inventory of products are just a few examples of upfront costs that an average network marketer incurs when he/she joins a network marketing company. And this happens even before single penny is made.

So people give up and quit without figuring out to really make money network marketing.

Your Prospects Have Been Lied to about Network Marketing

Network marketing business is full of controversies and lies. People don’t want to be part of something that is based on lies.

And you can’t blame them, because there is so much scam out there, promising quick bucks and never delivering, that network marketing, in people’ opinion, belongs to the category of scam. I’ve been lied to, and I know you have, too.

And there are hundreds of thousands of people who have been lied to about network marketing, who have bitter aftertaste from dealing with it, that they’ve made a promise to themselves to never allow network marketing being part of their life anymore.

Your Prospects Don’t Realize that Network Marketing Is a Business

When people are told that network marketing is something they can do in their free time, they don’t take it seriously.

Nobody s a successful business in their free time. People who have a lot of free time try to fill it with activities that bring them fun and pleasure. Don’t get me wrong. For business owners, ing their business is fun and pleasure. But it is not for most people.

Only the most disciplined among us fill their free time with business activities, actually ing their business. For most people, ing a business is associated with a lot of hassle and headache, which they try to avoid.

This is the reason why most of your prospects will never join your network marketing business opportunity. They’re simply not willing to sacrifice their free time for something intangible, something that doesn’t bring them pleasure, and something that doesn’t guarantee a steady income.

Your Prospects Are Afraid They’ll Be Required to Use the Classic Network Marketing Methods – Chase Family, Friends, Cold Calling, Etc.

And they are right. Who would do something like that as their profession? Up until now, some network marketing companies haven’t given up the network market strategies that stopped working fifty years ago.

The classic network marketing methods mentioned above doom beginning network marketers for constant rejection, because people like buying, but nobody likes being sold to.

Bugging family and friends, bugging total strangers through cold calling, chasing everything that moves and breaths in order to entice them to join your network marketing company are the strategies that will never attract any prospect into your business.

Your Prospects Are Just Not Interested

Would you read a book to someone who is not willing to listen to you? Would you go fishing if you don’t care about fishing? Would you marry someone you don’t love? The expected answer to those questions is “no”.

You can’t make people do something they’re not interested in doing. If they’re not interested in network marketing, they’re not your prospects, and it’s not worth wasting your time trying to recruit them.

You can do the belly dance or walk on your hands in order to persuade them to join your network marketing business opportunity, they won’t. Period. People’s “no” really means “no”. It doesn’t mean “maybe” or “bug me again next time”. “No” is “no” in every language of the world. So leave them alone.

What’s the Solution?

The above reasons are stumbling blocks that you don’t have to be stumbling upon. There are still 10% of your prospects who may actually join your network marketing business opportunity.

But should you ignore the above 90% of people who’ll never join you? No. You can still make money on the 90% of the above prospects. ? In order to find out, join my FREE network marketing training by filling out the form below.

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