low fat chicken recipes
low fat chicken recipes

Easy, quick and healthy low fat chicken recipes

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How To Prepare Low Fat Chicken Recipes

We’ve got a few low fat chicken recipes to aid you along the way, if you fix on it’s time to lose a few pounds or your doctor recommends that you lessen your fat intake because of health concerns.

It may be more expensive than buying the whole chicken breast if you purchase chicken breasts with the skin previously removed. Compare prices when you buy as its little work to take away the skin.

Adding to your hide every time you buy chicken, by saving the skin in a freezer bag, you’ll soon have sufficient to make a tasty chicken stock. Let the stock to cool and then put it in the frige until its cold.

The fat will rise to the top that make it easy to lift it off with a large metal spoon. If you wish you can discard it, save it to make gravies for other members of the family who don’t need to restrict their fat intake.

Chicken has some other virtues, too. It’s still comparatively low-priced and the meat is lean. Most of the fat content is in the skin.

Removing the skin and fat – doesn’t mean it needs to go to waste. Let’s take a view some ideas for low fat chicken recipes, with no waste.

Chicken breast meat is the leanest cut of the chicken. They are brawny and may be ready in numerous ways, offering different low fat chicken recipes.

Here are some tasty ways to benefit from this low fat, high protein meat.

  1. About 1 ½ inches wide slice the breast slantwise into strips. Over a medium high heat in a tablespoon or so of olive oil, fry them by turning with a spatula or fork regularly, until no pink remains. The chicken will roast in just minutes. On a bed of rice you can serve the strips and dress the dish with salsa, for a tasty, filling and healthful meal.
  2. On the other hand, you can prepare the strips in the similar manner, letting them brown faintly. Set aside to cool and then refrigerate until cold. This forms the basis for a great Chef’s salad, joint with ample of tomato wedges, greens, a hard boiled egg, slices of cucumber or anything other veggies you favor. Keep in mind, the chef decides, in a Chef’s salad! Serve with a low fat dressing of your choosing for a low fat chicken recipe that tastes tasty.
  3. In a bottled or packaged marinade, preserve whole chicken breasts, or make your own preferred marinade. Broil or Grill. This low fat chicken recipe goes well with brown, wild or white rice and pasta. If you skewer some mushrooms and pineapple chunks this becomes an even tastier dish and grill them with the chicken, to dish up as a one-dish meal.
  4. Without the marinade, cook your chicken breasts as described above. Skewer chunks of onion or pearl onions together with strips of red, orange and yellow sweet bell peppers. Steam some fresh snow peas on the stove top. For a astounding essence put all of these ingredients in a large bowl and blend in some teriyaki sauce and a new low fat chicken recipe with a gourmet feel.
  5. Without wholly cutting throughout the meat slice every chicken breast lengthwise to shape a pocket. Stuff each breast with a liberal quantity of this concoction. Substance with a mixture of fresh spinach, stems removed sliced mushrooms, shaved Parmesan cheese and orzo (cooked consistent with package directions). Wrap all breasts in separete foil packets and for 30-45 minutes bake at 375 degrees, dependent on the size of the breasts.

You can see that a low fat chicken recipe does not have to be boring! Bon Appetit!

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