History of the Statue of Liberty
History of the Statue of Liberty

History of the Statue of Liberty in United States

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The history of the statue of Liberty is one of the most iconic monuments in the United States. This statue is shaped as a woman who holds a torch and book. The meaning of this statue symbolizes democracy built in the country that is commonly called Uncle Sam. This statue was built to commemorate the Hundred Years of Independence declaration. Located on Liberty Island at the mouth of the Hudson River in New York Harbor.

This statue has the meaning that the American people have freedom and democracy. Freedom of opinion, free rights to choose, free rights to act and free rights to life. Therefore the Statue of Liberty is very important for the United States because the statue is very historic for them.

This statue is the idea of a friend of George Washington, the first president of the United States. George Washington’s best friend, Edouard Rene de Laboulaye Lefebvre. Laboulaye is a French legal expert and thinker.

The establishment of the United States is not detached from the French role. During the revolution, France supplied weaponry for colonies in the United States. This armament was used to free itself from the occupation of the United Kingdom, which was then colonized by America.

In 1865, the gathering of several American authorities at the time and the French intellectuals who opposed the Napoleonic regime of Napoleon III. The French intellectuals said they admired the formation of American States. As well as America managed to become a democratic country and liberate slavery at the end of civil war.

Laboulaye said in that little night tomb an idea. The idea to make the United States a monument to commemorate democracy in the United States and hope that France can become a democratic country in the world.

One of the night mausoleum guests of the time was Frédéric-Auguste Bartholdi. Bartholdi is a famous 31-year-old sculptor. He is originally from Colmar, Alcase one of the eastern provinces of France. Bartholdi is intrigued by Laboulaye’s idea and makes him inspired.

Statue designer Liberty

Frédéric-Auguste Bartholdi was born on 2 August 1834 in Colmar. He initially had a career as a street painter. Bartholdi was born from the father of a civil servant. But her father died when she was only two years old. Therefore Bartholdi was taken care of by his very loud mother Caroline.

Hard life and roads in France make Bartholdi easy to be a strong figure. Bartholdi diverts his mind by painting. His love for sculpture originated from many statues in his hometown. The statues were Greek and Roman style reflected in either the dresses or architecture of the ancient times, so that the 19th century art style became known as “neoclassical.” In his studio Bartholdi made a statue with a height of 12 feet. The studio leaves only 2 inches from the top of the statue.

Bartholdi’s thought direction changed during his visit to Egypt. Bartholdi was impressed by the pyramid and Spinx architecture. In 1870 when the French – Russian war occurred. Bartholdi became a soldier and had a rank of major in his hometown. The war changed the meaning of freedom in the mind of Bertholdi.

Laboulaye asks Bartholdi to visit the United States to see the situation there. He also wished Bartholdi to get inspiration. Laboulaye hopes to make a monument to remember the close friendship between the United States and France.

Bartholdi answered the letter Laboulaye, “I will try to glorify the Republic and Liberty there, in the hopes that someday I will find it again here.”. Armed with a letter from Laboulaye. Bartholdi toured America for American opinion on the idea of its construction. Bartholdi aspires to create the history of the statue of Liberty in the United States. The initial design was below to America. The design originally shaped sketched. Miraculnya, the design was accepted.


The construction fund named statue of Liberty is very large. Originally Bartholdi wanted to build his statue on the Suez canal. Because it is amazed with Spinx. In France Bartholdi collects funds by visiting companies. Expect to get funding though a bit. The French government also responded by attracting taxes from possible sectors. But at first the French government refused to finance because it considers the project too expensive.

In America the fundraiser runs very slowly. This triggered The heart of Joseph Pulitzer’s wealthy United States opening The World newspaper office. Pulitzer writes to the rich because it is reluctant to donate. Pulitzer also leverages the underprivileged people to raise funds.

The writing is fruitful. Funds are raised rapidly from wealthy people who are moved to donate. The expected donation fee of $100,000 can be accumulated up to $120,000 times. The Pulitzer strategy is to list every name that contributes to its chord.

Making of the statue of Liberty

In building the statue of Liberty. Bartholdi is not alone. To follow the skeleton and the constituent bones. Bartholdi asks the help of the famous steel architect Alexandre Gustave Eiffel. Eiffel is an iconic French tower designer and builder, the Eiffel tower.

In 1876, the arm of the statue of Liberty was brought to Philadelphia. The arm measuring 9.1 meters is brought with a capital of 50 cents. This arm is what will be the room. Bartholdi hopes this is the only statue that can be entered.

In America itself implemented the foundation construction project statue of Liberty. General Charles. P Stone was called as the foundation maker of the statue of Liberty. The foundation maker Architect is a famous New York designer, Richard Moris Hunt. Bartholdi himself who chose the location of the statue of Liberty.

Construction of the statue of Liberty

In 1883 Laboulaye The idea of founding the statue of Liberty died from a heart attack. One year after 1884 the statue of Liberty underwent final stage construction. The spring statue of Liberty in the year 1885 remains in France. It was being done demolition.

On 15 June 1885, a piece of the statue of Liberty consisting of 214 wooden boxes arrives on Bedloe island. However, the new statue of Liberty was established in May 1886. Its founding took about six months of establishment.

On 25 October 1886, Bartholdi and his wife visited the United States to see his work. Bartholdi departed from France with Viscount Ferdinand de Lesseps-Marie, chairman of the United Franco-Americas. The arrival of the Bartholdi entourage was welcomed by the American Committee and Joseph Pulitzer. Upon arrival on the island of Bedloe where the statue of Liberty. Bartholdi just said that dreams has materialized.

On 28 October 1886, the statue of Liberty was open to the public. The United States Government established the day as a national holiday. Namuh only Wall Street was not holiday at the time. The three-color Parade was held throughout New York city. The three colors are red, white, blue. The colors symbolize the French flag. Each child follows a ribbon based on that colour and floods the city.

The two state officials attended. American President Grover Cleveland and his cabinet and New York governor and staff were also present. The embarrassing event of many wealthy American families does not donate, attend and scramble the leading seats for the world to see.

The statue of Liberty becomes the world’s tallest statue. However, in 1899 it was defeated by the statue of Saint Paul in Brazil. In 1903 was a bronze plate carved by Emma Lazarus – The New Colosuss, which helped fund the funding.

In 1916, fundraising and accumulated $30,000 for the creation of floodlights to illuminate the symbol of the French-American friendship. On 15 October 1924 the American President Calvin Coolidge set the statue of Liberty as the National Monument. But only in 1933 National Service Park took over the care and maintenance of the statue of Liberty. The history of the statue of Liberty is the pride of the people of the United States.

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