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The Ultimate True Reason Why Only 3% of People Have Success in Network Marketing

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The network marketing industry boasts in only 3% success rate among network marketers. In this post, I’ll explain the only ultimate reason why you may be failing in network marketing being part of the rest 97%. I’ll also s you a simple solution for this ongoing problem.

The Ultimate True Reason

When “they” tell you that the reason you’re failing in network marketing is that your “Why” is not big enough, they lie to you. If “they” tell you that you don’t talk to enough people about your MLM opportunity, they lie to you. If they ask you to attend more hotel meetings, don’t listen to them. All the above and more will not bring your success in network marketing.

The only one dirty truth why 97% of network marketers struggle in their business, while 3% of them thrive, is this:

Failing network marketers Don’t Know to Networks and to Market Themselves, Their Business, and Their Products

Why This Problem Is So Stubborn

The above problem still exists for the reason that you mostly find “Network ing” and “Marketing for Network Marketers” as part of the curriculum in the School of Hard Knocks. Bald professors wearing eyeglasses don’t teach that in universities or colleges. They don’t know network marketing REALLY works from within, although network marketing companies exists for over sixty years now.

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Another reason why this problem has not been solved yet is that failing sponsors teach their failing down-line members failing strategies that stopped working when Columbus discovered America. can you expect to have success in network marketing everything that has been failing up until now?! But this vicious cycle still repeats and replicates itself in the lives of thousands of network marketers.

There Is a Way Out

What would you do with 10-15 new leads – people, that is – if they come to you asking for permission to join your network marketing business? Would you be able to handle 10-15 leads a day? Isn’t it you goal as a network marketer to have at least one qualified lead a day?

Let me tell you this:

“You can have success in network marketing if… you learn from the top 3% of top network marketers.”

In order to know to networks and to market yourself, your business, and your products, you need to learn from those who already made it to the top and know to do it. And those people are not some out-of-this-world gurus living in ivory towers. They’re here among us. Some of them live in a city near you, some are just one mouse-click away from you. But all of them, without exception, are ready, able, and willing to share their knowledge with you. All it takes is you desire to learn and to earn.

This is what I do, and this is what I recommend that you do if you want to have success in network marketing. I learn from the top 3% of network marketers and I make money along the way their knowledge that they shared with me.

Where You Can Find the Top 3% of Network Marketers Gathered in One Place

Sam Walton, the founder of Wal-Mart and Sam’s Club, revolutionized our shopping experience. In the past, when you had to buy milk at a milk store, meat at a meat store, bread at a bakery, fruits and vegies at a fruits-n-vegies store, you’d spend a decent chunk of time going grocery shopping. While now, you can go to Wal-Mart or Sam’s Club and buy everything you need under one roof.

The same approach is used at MLSP – My Lead System Pro educational portal. Top network marketers, gathered in one place, teach new and/or failing network marketers to networks and do marketing in a way that will make them successful in network marketing. Here’s what you can learn from the top earners in MLSP:

  • Prospecting – to work with prospects
  • Prospect List ing – the money is in the list
  • Content Marketing – to create lead-generating online content
  • Social Media Marketing – to use social media web sites to generate leads
  • Paid Marketing – to use paid marketing options to grow your business
  • Affiliate Marketing – to make money on the go
  • And much much more…

The beauty of this is that MLSP leaders teach you to make money even BEFORE someone joins your main network marketing business.

Stop the Pain of Failing

Network marketing is not for everyone. It’s only for those who desire success as industry leaders and those who want to take their life from misery to prosperity.

Network marketing doesn’t tolerate mediocrity. If you’re serious about ing your business, get yourself trained by the pros. If not, don’t waste your time by trying to lie to yourself that you want to be a successful network marketer.

Lazy, mediocre tire kickers won’t see success. Only those who know that they’re worthy to be successful and worthy to live a better life, roll up their sleeves and learn from the best to become one of them. This is my goal.

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