Attracting Readers to Your Blog
Attracting Readers to Your Blog

Tips for Attracting Readers to Your Blog

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Having a successful blog is all about getting people to read your posts. All too often, bloggers overlook how important the visual appearance of an article is to gaining and maintaining readers.

While content is obviously paramount in any writing situation, we must also remember the pervasiveness of visual reading for blog writing. After all, we can’t expect readers to be interested in what we are writing if what we have written doesn’t look interesting.

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Before I discuss headline writing and article structure, I must stress the importance of focusing on the reader. One of the fundamental aspects of professional writing in any genre is knowing your reader.

Before you can determine an appropriate tone, an eye-catching title, or even a blog topic, you must know who your reader is and what he or she is interested in reading. After you have established who your target audience is, you can begin to tailor your pieces to better meet what that audience wants to see and hear.

Writing a great title

The first step to catching a reader’s attention is writing a great title. Similar to journalism, blogging involves writing captivating headlines that will attract readers to your piece.

In the world of the web, internet goers click around websites at amazing speeds, making it easy for a reader to dismiss an article that is interesting and informative, but has a not so interesting or informative title.

A good way to approach tilting your blog posts is looking to the news story headlines. Journalists create headlines that are both intriguing and functional. The key to a successful title is conciseness.

A headline should be descriptive, yet short. It needs to describe what the story is about without exhausting the story completely. Headline writing can be very difficult; it takes practice and patience. However, mastering the art of title writing is essential to capturing readers.

Set visual content

Another key aspect of holding a reader’s attention is the way in which you visually structure the content within your piece. One of the easiest ways to deter readers from your posts is by making it difficult to read visually.

To return to our journalism comparison, journalists write visually without too much forethought. With newspapers and news sites having divided columns and set character limits, it is easy for journalists break up text and limit their rambling. For bloggers it is not so simple.

The blogging world allows so much freedom that it can sometimes get us into trouble. Bloggers must write visually. Long blocks of text are boring and difficult to read.

Using short paragraphs, subheadings, lists, and images make articles easier and more appealing to read. Breaking up blocks of text regularly is essential to encouraging your reader to continue.

Blogging offers a certain amount of freedom in writing that can be both exhilarating and daunting.

Utilizing these three writing strategies in blog writing can help you manage the overwhelming freedom of the blogging world. Knowing your audience, writing strong headlines, and writing visually can all help you write a clearer, more concise, and more interesting blog piece.

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