What is a Backlink
What are Backlinks? | How to Increase them?

What are Backlinks? | How to Increase them?

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Getting traffic from search engines like Google or Yahoo are the main sources in SEO but link building is also an important process in SEO.

It helps us to drive more traffic on our blog/site and spreads our blog/site widely on the internet.

These backlinks also help us in improving our blog/site’s Google Page Rank and Alexa Ranking.

Well, Today we are going to discuss about building backlinks of our blog. So, below I have detailed backlinks, its kinds and how to increase backlinks.

What are Backlink?

Incoming links to your blog are known as backlinks.
Those links by which any user or visitor enters your blog are called backlinks.

Kinds of Backlinks

There are two kinds of backlinks. First one is DoFollow Backlinks and Second one is NoFollow Backlinks.

These two kinds are introduced by Matt Cuts and Jason Shellen in the year 2005 to help the webmasters for better SEO.

Below I have detailed these both kinds and you must read them carefully to understand them completely.

DoFollow Backlinks

Those links which are created with rel=’dofollow’ attribute or without any attribute are known as DoFollow backlinks.

Search engine’s crawler crawls all the content of your blog/site. When they will come on a backlink, They will check that is it DoFollow Backlink or NoFollow Backlink.

So if the backlink is DoFollow then they will follow the link and land on another web page for crawling.

That is why every webmaster wants to increase his/her blog/site’s DoFollow Backlinks and it helps in improving Google PR and Alexa Rank.

NoFollow Backlinks

Those links which are created with rel=’nofollow’ attribute are known as NoFollow Backlinks.

So if the backlink is created with the NoFollow attribute, then the search engine’s crawler will ignore it because this attribute does not allow the crawler to follow that link.

How to Increase Backlinks of your Site/Blog?

There are a lot of ways to increase the backlinks of your blog/site. Here I am sharing you some most useful ways to increase the backlinks of your blog/site.

Guest Posting

This is one of the best way to increase specially DoFollow backlinks. In this method, You have to submit a post to any blog as a guest post and that site will give you one or two DoFollow Backlinks with your bio.

This method not only increase your backlinks, but you can also get traffic from that blog where you have submitted guest post.

Before submitting a guest post you must follow the guest posting rules otherwise your post will not be published.

Quality and Unique Content

You should always use to write quality and unique content because people love to explore new and interesting things.

Google also loves unique content. If you publish unique content on your blog, then the user or visitor might share that content via social bookmarking which is also helpful to get traffic from social networking.

Forum Posting

There are a lot of forums on the internet from where you can get quality backlinks. You need to join those forums and then reply some threads.

Once you become the member of that forum, Then you can put your blog name in the signature.

Before joining any forum, you must check that forum has a good Google Page Rank and that forum gives you a dofollow link in signature.

This will help you in spreading your blog on that forum and you will get quality backlinks and traffic from that forum.

Blog Commenting

Blog commenting is also one of the best way to increase backlinks to your blog. This method not only increase your blog’s backlinks, but also make you visible on other blogs.

Before commenting on other blogs make sure that they are using a CommentLuv comment form because this comment form automatically add your one recent post in a comment if you have added the URL of your blog before submitting comments.

You can also add your backlink in your comment manually if that blog is not using CommentLuv.

Social Media Promotion

Social networking is also one of best and important way to get quality backlinks and traffic to your blog.

Social networking sites have generally high page rank and most visited by people around the world.

You have to join some social networking sites and post or share your articles on those sites.

By this, You will need a good amount of traffic and backlinks to your blog.

Final Words

So Guys ! I probably say that now you know that what are actually backlinks? and how you can increase them? So guys if you like our article please share to your friends

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